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About us

About our Foundation

Mission: Accessibility

We work in culture – popularizing texts, works of art, events, cultural spaces. We want to make sure that everyone – regardless of their disability, or financial or family situation – can fully and independently take part in events like movie screenings or theatre performances, visit museums or galleries.

We organize accessible cultural events

We are initiators and partners in many cultural events. The biggest one being festivals – Festival of Culture Without Barriers, “Przejścia” Film Festival, and Cooltural Deaf Festival.

Wherever it’s needed, we create Audio Descriptions, closed captioning (CC), sign language interpretations, we create a sensory friendly environment, and organize workshops for children.

Our activities in numbers

Since 2012 we did:



of experience



with audiodescription and subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing


theatrical performances

accessible for people with visual and hearing disabilities



who participated in our trainings

We train in the field of accessibility

We organize trainings and workshops for employees of cultural institutions, local governments, companies. We train in creating accessible communication and solutions for people with disabilities. We lead workshops about accessibility, empathy, and inclusion – for everyone, regardless of age.

We consult and contribute to local policies.

We are still educating ourselves – our team is competent and seasoned, our tools are tested and improved during many years of action, our partners are trusted and experienced.

We like challenges and we are flexible. We are not afraid to try everything, and we do all we can to overcome anything that might divide us.

Foundation in numbers

  • 11 years of experience
  • 160 movies with Audio Description and closed captions (CC)
  • 120 theatre performances with Audio Description and closed captions (CC)
  • Over 1600 people trained by us
  • Tens of thousands of participants in our accessible events
  • Several thousands of Audio Descriptions for works of art, architecture, cultural spaces and places of interest

Short history of the Foundation

The Culture Without Barriers Foundation’s roots date back to 2008, when the Foundation for Children “Help on Time” created a project “Poza Ciszą i Ciemnością” (“Outside of silence and darkness”).

The dream was to fully include people with disabilities, who are often excluded from culture and society. The project was a success and it showed that there is a great need for projects that make space for everyone, and it is essential to not only continue this initiative, but also constantly work on new ideas.

The project was greenlighted by the president of Foundation for Children “Help on Time” Stanisław Kowalski, and became its own independent foundation – Culture Without Barriers Foundation – with Anna Żórawska, the author of the initial project, as the president.

Foundation of Culture Without Barriers – currently

We cooperate with many cultural institutions, municipalities, business partners. We are members of expert groups, advisors for the City Hall, Voivodeship Offices, and Ministries.

Our people

Obsessed with accessibility

Culture Without Barriers Foundation is a team made of passionate accessibility experts, both people with disabilities and abled people. We have years of experience in professional organization and coordination of accessible events. We have never-ending faith in people, that’s why we emphasize networking, cooperation, and partnership. Accessibility is our passion.

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