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About us

Obsessed with accessibility

Culture Without Barriers Foundation is a team made of passionate accessibility experts, both people with disabilities and abled people. We have years of experience in professional organization and coordination of accessible events. We have never-ending faith in people, that’s why we emphasize networking, cooperation, and partnership. Accessibility is our passion.

Ania Żórawska. W tle zieleń.

Anna Żórawska

Board president

The graduate of the department of the Media Education and Journalisms on the Theological Department of the University of cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw, for member of the Social Board of the Culture at President the capital city of Warsaw in 2012-2015 years. The originator and the coordinator of projects "apart from Silence and Darkness". For over 10 years he is acting for making the culture available to persons with different disabilities, particularly th visual and the hearing.
+48 512 396 475 +48 512 396 475nothing

Robert Więckowski. W tle zieleń.

Robert Więckowski

Board vicepresident

The journalist, the doctoral student of cultural studies and study of literature, associated with SWPS with the Humanistic-social University and UKSW, researcher of Polish literature and the discourse memorialnego in the context of the Polish-Jewish past, researcher of popular literature and, observed in literature and in the social behaviour, of signs of the intercultural dialogue, theoretician audiodeskrypcji created to vivid work.

Ania Bogucka. W tle zieleń.

Anna Bogucka

Board's office
Paulina Gul. W tle zieleń.

Paulina Gul

Team manager, project manager

Person deaf from birth, native is using the Polish sign language. Employee of the Foundation of the Culture without Barriers. The consultant of solutions dedicated to persons with disability of the hearing, from 2013 is conducting trainings devoted to ways of making the cultural offer available to persons not-hearing and being hard of hearing at public institutions.
+48 502 741 022 (SMS) +48 502 741 022 (SMS)nothing

Aleksandra Szorc. W tle zieleń.

Aleksandra Szorc

Coordinator of accessibility for people with hearing disability

Surdopedagog, student of psychology. She is working at the Foundation of the Culture without Barriers. She is conducting trainings for employees of public institutions in the service of the spectator with the hearing defect. Consultant for organising the availability for persons słabosłyszących and Deaf. Coordinator of projects of the available culture, among others Conradoteka, Filmolekcje for everyone. She supervised work above the first music video in the Polish sign language to the song from the fairy tale of Disney.

Aleksandra Sztajerwald. W tle zieleń.

Aleksandra Sztajerwald

Coordinator of accessibility for people with autism spectrum

Animator social-cultural, from 2008 connected with the SYNAPSIS Foundation, where was responsible for promotional measures and voluntary services, as well as for the cooperation with cultural institutions and libraries. At present at the Foundation of the Culture without Barriers and the Foundation a "Warsaw Marathon" is working. In the framework of the initiative the Authenticity is organising workshops for adult persons with autism and of neurotypical persons.

Marta Piwowarska. W tle zieleń.

Marta Piwowarska

Accessibility coordinator - education
Monika Dubiel. W tle zieleń.

Monika Dubiel

Coordinator of accessibility for people with visual disability

Journalist, psychologist and Spanish philologist, blind person, consultant of solutions dedicated to people with sight disabilities and moderator of meetings devoted to culture and its accessibility. Since 2016, he has been conducting trainings for employees of cultural institutions on how to make offers available to people with visual impairments.

Alicja Szurkiewicz

Coordinator of sign language interpreting
Darek Zajkowski. W tle zieleń.

Dariusz Zajkowski

Technical coordinator
Mikołaj Jabłoński

Mikołaj Jabłoński

Coordinator of PR

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